About us

We began the vegan cheez biz in 2018 when we noticed a huge struggle in finding tasty vegan cheese alternatives. It seemed like most options included something that we no longer ate or was allergic to. This became a struggle to enjoy our favorite foods--this is when Rooted Delights cheez was born.

We started with the OG, our Cheddah cheez, and with much trial and error, we finally rolled it out to the public. Less than 6 months later, we started working on perfecting the Mozzah, and the rest has been history. With a background in digital marketing, tech, and self taught culinary skills, we decided to ditch our 9-5 jobs and focus on curating private 4 course vegans events, vending and doing pop-ups all over the east coast, and perfecting our cheez wheel line.

We are so excited to see what the future holds for us and can only hope you all continue this journey with us!                               

Our mission is to provide vegan cuisine that’s for everyone to enjoy at an affordable price, satisfying taste buds one by one, while bringing healthier options to all.