Oat Milk Mild Cheddah Cheez Wheel

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Mild Cheddah Cheez Wheel

Our cheddah style cheese wheels are made with real ingredients like sweet potatoes and red peppers. Allergens? No worries! Our products are dairy, soy, gluten, & tree nut free with the exception of coconut oil so all can enjoy. These creamy oat based wheels can be sliced, shredded, and melted onto all your favorite foods like cheezy mac, grilled cheez, quesadillas, burgers, and many other dishes! Be sure to check out our recipes under products for easy meals everyone can enjoy.  

Ingredients: Oat milk (water, oats), refined coconut oil, tapioca flour, sweet potato, red peppers, food-grade carrageenan (a seaweed extract), spices, sea salt, natural annatto (coloring), vegan natural flavor (plant source)

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