About Us

In 2017 leading into 2018 Rooted Delights started as a vegan food truck in Baltimore, MD and expanded into the world of product development where we revolutionized the food industry by creating the FIRST oat milk cheese product, making it readily available to major restaurants and grocery stores with no major backing. We expanded our brand to mobile food vending becoming one of the most anticipated vendors showcasing our award winning 'Loaded Rooted Vegan Nachos'. We have recently pivoted into helping people transition into the world of healthy lifestyle choices by offering cookbooks, coaching, and courses. We also expanded our brand but why of our sister company, 'Vending Like a Boss' where we help all types of mobile food vendors (or those interested) create a proven system to turn their mobile business into a cash flow machine. Founder, Nay Nicole and her Co-founder have over 9+ years of experience with food trucks, other mobile food businesses, fine dining, recipe and product development, marketing, and scaling a business.